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The Zelos Bouldering App

The Zelos Bouldering App is a fitness app that I have been developing on the side. At the moment, I am developing this enhance my own bouldering performance. There are a few workout apps that work alright, but I believe fitness is such an individual activity.

I have a pet peeve with the amount of fitness courses you can find online. You purchase one, and all you receive is just some PDF document with some basic workouts.

I believe that fitness, gainssss, goals are all a matter of consistency. You can find all the best workouts that you need to perform to hit your goals. And in the first week, you want to do it all. Complete every exercise. But fitness goals can not be gained within an Agile Sprint. You need to take a step back, and look at the bigger picture, and only then will you find realistic targets.


If you want to be build a foundation for your strength, you will need structure.

There is only so many hours you have in the week. And if you work a full time job, and have additional commitments, unless you schedule in your workouts, how will you find the time.

What is Zelos.

In simple terms:

A training plan creator and scheduler.


If I know I will be going on a 3 night trip somewhere, and not have access to any equipment. Or maybe I am just on holiday, and actually do deserve a break from exercise. Then I need to factor this in.

All it takes is a few days off, to feel like you are having a write off for the whole week or two. Once you break a routine, it can be hard to get back on it.

So with Zelos, I know I can arrange my week before and my week after to include additional exercises. I can kind of ensure that I am passively recovering during my days off. And I can feel good about myself that I am not skipping any workouts. I have just effectively planned in recovery days, and arranged my workouts so I still get to complete them.

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